In the Media…

Triathlete Magazine – February 2011 Issue

Full 2-page spread on Page 90/91:

Page 92 – Full page.

KUSI – Superbowl Sunday – February 6, 2o11

Superbowl segment with FIT Athletic for KUSI news.  VIDEO LINK

Brooks Pistol Squat on Bosu Ball

Brooks & Marissa Showing some NFL Worthy Speed Work!

944 Magazine – January 2011 Edition

Top 9 Must Do workouts for 2011

944 January 2011 – Title of the Article

Brooks Leading Aqua Fit & Abs of Steel at the FIT rooftop pool!

KUSI – Red Carpet Workout for the Golden Globes

Red Carpet Workout for the Golden Globes – Brooks Push-up Bottom

KUSI – Red Carpet Workout – Brooks Push-up

Promoting SPARTACUS – Blood & Sand on Starz Network – Red Carpet Party for Comic-Con

FOX 5 – Ripped Factor Segment

Fox 5 Morning news with FIT Athletic.  Ball Slams, explosive bosu push ups, and a funny moment with the anchor.  See images, and then video below.

FOX 5 – Ripped Factor with FIT Athletic – Brooks Explosive Bosu Push-up

Anatomy 101 – Point to the abdominals (the full video is below)


Fit & Fab in Downtown San Diego

Article in the local newspaper about the Aqua Fit class I created, and teach at FIT Athletic, the premier gym in San Diego.  Click link to view the PDF file.

Fit & Fab Editorial 09-10-09