What Others Have To Say…


“Brooks has completely changed my outlook on nutrition and fueling my body. Prior to working with Brooks, my diet would have been considered fairly healthy however he showed me how to tweak my choices in order to turn my body into an all-day fat-burning machine.

He taught me how to best utilize each meal as an opportunity to burn fat and support my metabolism. He is beyond knowledgeable and informative, he is real.

Brooks made nutrition fit my lifestyle, my tastes, and my goals. He took time to get to know me as an individual and teach me about how my body works. He is always available by phone, text, or e-mail when you need his support, and he always has encouraging words to help get you through tough spots.

I have consistently received a response within a few hours of sending an e-mail and he will stay on the phone with me until all of my questions are answered.

He doesn’t push products or supplements but rather encourages whole, natural,  healthy living.

What most impressed me about working with Brooks was his commitment to making me the best ME possible. He doesn’t want to turn you into a bodybuilder, or fitness model, but rather truly listens to your goals and makes the plan work in your life.

Brooks is honest, real, and approachable and makes nutrition not only understandable, but fun. I would encourage anyone looking for not only nutritional support, but also someone to support you on your road to healthy living, to work with Brooks, as your knowledge of nutrition will forever be changed.”

– Kelsey – Age 26 – San Diego


–  “Working with Brooks was not only a pleasure, but it was fun and easy! Brooks made it very easy and fun to change to a healthy lifestyle. I now understand how my body processes food, and the importance of water in my diet. After being coached by Brooks for only a month, I lost 20 lbs. Not only did I lose weight, but I have more energy and better concentration.  Working with Brooks is fun, easy, and well worth the cost!

Brooks, thanks for changing my life!!!” –  Vicki H. – San Diego


–  “You have inspired me and my wife.  You have my wife pumped up and she has been doing great.  She did squats and counter push-ups the other day.  I have been doing your nutrition schedule for 8 days…and I dropped about 3 lbs in the week and overall feel better only after one week!  I can’t believe how easy it is.  What’s weird is that I don’t even miss the junk food like I thought I would.  Talk to you soon!” – Peter B. in Maryland  (after 1 week lifestyle coaching via phone/email)


– “Natalie and Brooks….not sure what exactly to say other thank thanks a million for inspiring and changing 2 of my very closest friends….this is an inspiration to our entire circle of friends and families involved! You guys are AMAZING!!!!!! ♥” via Facebook by Sarah P.


I believe in the positive thinking and writing all of it down. I find myself squeezing my glutes, standing taller and pulling in my abs all day… very inspirational!” ~ Joan Mcmullen Who lost 45 lbs in 12 weeks following the Jump Start Plan and reading Every Step Counts (now titled The Lean Life).

I read Every Step Counts (now The Lean Life) and I loved it!I could not believe all the useful info in it, I love the way it was written about that family.I loved the part of diet mt. dew, and now I have a new snack idea! There was so much I liked about it.

I wanted to post a RAH RAH for Brooks’ book Every Step Counts & Workbook. Yes… yes… I purchased it a number of weeks ago and I set it aside to prepare for a trial. I was reading it — up to page 61 of a 236 page book– and I tell you all, I learn something new on every page. I have been practicing his super posture exercise –which y’all have to buy the book to find it.It is a simple way to strengthen and stretch whether I am standing in line at the grocery store, sitting in my car, standing up from my desk, or cooking dinner, this simple exercise fits into so many regular daily activities that it should be taught in school gym classes.

I use it while I walk my and my posture improved so much that I got a whistle by a passing car as I walked my dog one evening. LOL. And I was NOT jutting my boobs out –just so we are clear :)I think that the exercise and change in habit andimprovement in body awareness expresses confidence and strength thus the whistle… but I digress.

I have learned so many awesome little tips from it that I keep a notebook next to my bed to write this stuff down–or type it on my IPHONE to remind me.

This book is the perfect foundation to begin and use the Olympic excitement and emotion to become your own gold medalist. Do it! Go get it now. You won’t be disappointed. :) ~ Patricia Smith Boye


THANK YOU! I am loving the story!I love to read, I usually read 2 or3 books at the same time, depending on my mood but I most likely finish all 3 around the same time, but this book is worth to be read at every moment! ~ Luz
Patricia It’s a great book, everybody! You won’t be disappointed. I have been an Occupational Therapist for 20 years prior to being an Attorney and I thought I knew all I needed to know about posture, diet, exercise and injury. Brooks has taught me quite a bit in this book. Easy to practice advice that won’t stress you out. Things you can practice while simply living your life. ~ Patricia Boylez